Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What makes affiliate program special?

A. Our ratio is 1:150! It simply means, every 150 people generate one sale! This was never lower as before. The lowest sale ratio on whole proxy market! 90% of our clients rebills and stay with us for months. Don't loose the chance to get your piece of huge money cake!

Q. How much can I get paid?

A. You can make a decent amount of money with us! You get 50% for new and recurring order. This is a staggering amount of money can make simply referring someone to our service.

Q. Who is it for?

A. If you have friends and family that are interested in the benefits of using our proxy servers, simply refer this to them and make money!

This is also ideal for website owners. You can use the marketing material provided by them and place them onto your website. The more traffic your website has, the more hits your link will get and the high your chance of making money.

Q. What forms of payment do you offer? Do you pay out through PayPal?

A. You can get paid via PayPal or Webmoney. If you want to be paid via Perfect Money or Payza then you should contact us in advance for confirmation.

Q. When do you guys pay?

A. We send payments every two weeks, in full, for the commission you earned. The pending period is ONLY for payments made with PayPal and it is 30 days. We have never had a late payment. WE PAY ON TIME, EVERY TIME!

Q. What is the default minimum payment?

A. There are no minimum sum you have to reach to get paid. Once you have positive balance, even one dollar, you will be paid.

Q. How to get started with affiliate program?

A. Starting up couldn't be easier. Start by opening "Join Now" page. Once there, enter your details to create your account such as username and email address. Once you hit enter, you will get an activation link in your email.

Activate your account and you're ready to make money. You will get your very own referral link. Simply copy and paste that wherever you feel it is appropriate. People can visit your link and every time a purchase is made through your link, you make money.

You can login your account to view your own details, such as how many sales you've made, how much money owes you and when your last payment was made. This allows you to easily manage all of your sales.

Q. Do I need a site (URL) before promoting

A. Yes, it also must be active and functioning. Free hosted domains, such as, GeoCities, AngelFire, Yahoo, MSN, MySpace, etc. are welcome. If you would like to promote our proxy servers via search engines or other methods that do not require a URL, please note that in the comments field when you signup for an account.

Q. Can I use one account for all my websites?

A. You need only one account to advertise all of our sites within the ProxyMoney affiliate program.

Q. Can I create multiple accounts?

A. No. In case you will still need to create new account please contact us specifying the reason why you need to do so.

Q. What promotional tools are available to webmasters within ProxyMoney affiliate program?

A. Banners, link codes and 24/7 days working FRIENDLY support who will help you to setup and make your website ready to receive traffic!

Q. Where do I get my "linking code" to use your banners?

A. Once you login, click on the "PRODUCTS" button to generate your codes. Your webmaster ID will be automatically included in the codes generated.

Q. I registered to affiliate program, but cannot access the promotional area or my stats. What is the problem?

A. You need to activate your account. You should have received a confirmation email instantly to active your account. Check you spam folder as they sometimes get filtered for spam.

Q. I forgot my password/user ID, what should I do?

A. You can retrieve your password/user ID by password reminder tool. It is located on the right side of the log in page.

Q. Contacting

A. If you have a question please be sure to carefully read the FAQ above. If your question has not been answered then please email us or create new ticket.